Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Standers BedCane and Curve Grab Bar Mobility Aids

The Standers BedCane provides mobility to persons entering and exiting their beds. With it’s smaller than a bed rail design, this bedcane offers its users assistance sitting and standing. Because of its material covered handle, this living aid is warm to the touch and is safe against bumping. The Standers Bedcane is easy to assemble, installs with ease and provides loved ones upto 300 pounds and care givers back protection.

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Following are additional elderly living aids that the Stander company offers; all of which provide loved ones safety and independence.

The Standers Pole and Curve Grab Bar Mobility Aid

Useful throughout the house, The Standers Pole and Curve Grab Bar mobility aid provides its users leverage from both a sofa or favorite recliner in the living room to the toilet and shower in the bathroom.
This piece is easy to install and provides leverage, independence and security to loved ones.

The Standers Car Caddie

The Standers Car Caddie is an ideal elderly living aid for its ease of installation and the benefits it provides its users, mainly, increase accessibility in and out of a vehicle.

It is lightweight and therefore is easily transportable from one vehicle to another.

It is moderately priced so having one in more than one car is possible if needed.

Having the ability to easily and confidently enter and exit a vehicle is a welcome living aid for all loved ones.

The Standers HandyBar

With the Standers HandyBar getting in and out of a vehicle is easier.

Made of stainless steel and having a soft, non-slip hand grip that slides into car door latch, it provides a strong, secure assist in getting in and out of a car.

This mobility aid acts as a grab bar providing security and leverage without costly conversions. It fits and can be used on nearly any car door frame.

The Standers company provides mobility aids for all persons. Providing aid choices for individuals to keep them doing what they love and want to do.